Fed 3 PE0650. Released in 1967-1968 Kharkov, Ukraine. Camera with new Industar-61 L/D lens (better known as "FED-3 L/D").  s/n #9126563 Appr. 350.000 copies (or even more).

Film type 135 (35mm)

Picture size 24 x 36mm

Weight 25.4oz (719g) with normal lens

Lens LTM 39mm Industar 61 52mm 1:2.8-16 (s/n #6944025)

Filter size 40.5mm

Focal range 1m to infinity

Viewfinder coupled rangefinder

Exposure meter none

Shutter double cloth curtain

Shutter speeds B, 1-1/500

Diopter correction ring


Accessory shoe and PC sync connection


Amazing working condition! The lens and camera body is very clean. New never used, been instructed in camera repair shop.

Camera FED-3 goes with original leather case and neck strap.


more info: http://mattsclassiccameras.com/rangefinders-compacts/fed-3b/



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Vintage LUBITEL-166B

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